Aerial view of the East End Transformation construction site on the campus of Washington University in St. LouisRendering of the courtyard of McKelvey Hall, to be built on the campus of Washington University in St. LouisA larger-than-life image of a cartoon gorilla looks down from the walls of a glass tower in the newly transformed Olin Library on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

Watch East End progress in real time

An aerial view of the East End construction site. Follow along with the transformation in real time via three live webcams.

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McKelvey Hall

James M. McKelvey, Sr. Hall will be located south of Preston M. Green Hall. It will house the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and support Washington University’s data science efforts.

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A reimagined Olin Library

In Olin Library, the Newman Tower of Collections and Exploration displays images from Special Collections. The new Olin has increased study, teaching and research space and enhanced access to services and special collections.

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Forest Park Parkway Bridge Replacement

Effective Monday, October 8: Bridge and ramp open. Connection between Danforth Campus and off-campus housing and neighborhoods to the north restored.

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Featured Project

Transforming Our Front Door
Rendering of Tisch Commons, part of the East End Transformation of the Danforth Campus at Washington University in St. Louis

In 2017, Washington University in St. Louis will begin the largest capital project in the recent history of the Danforth Campus, transforming the east end to align with the university’s core academic mission of groundbreaking discovery, research, and teaching. Watch video.