East End News

Footprint to expand between Hillman, South Brookings March 12

WashU East End Transformation plan drawing


On Monday, March 12, new site work will begin to the south of South Brookings and the current fence line will move further south and west.

Where to go

Pedestrian access to South Brookings and Brookings Quadrangle will be maintained. Service vehicles and deliveries should continue to use the approved docks or loading areas at the perimeter of campus.

East-west pedestrian access will be maintained except for brief outages. During outages, pedestrians will be rerouted to the exterior path around Hillman Hall’s Clark-Fox Forum.

WashU East End Transformation plan drawing featuring Busch Hall, Brown Hall, and Hillman Hall

What’s next

Following Commencement 2018, access to this area will be further impacted. More information will follow later in the spring.