East End News

Watch the transformation in real time

View of construction on the Washington University in St. Louis campus, part of the East End Transformation project
View from the Brookings webcam, Friday morning, June 19

To help document and share the progress of the East End Transformation, Washington University has installed three new web cameras.

Positioned at the top of Brookings, Hillman and Green Halls, these high-definition cameras give the WashU community a comprehensive view of the entire project site.

When the transformation is complete, images, which are captured every 10 minutes, will be compressed to create a special time-lapse video of the project. For those curious about day-to-day progress, each camera automatically creates a time-lapse video from images captured between 10 am and 2 pm each day.

If you are interested in images from a specific day or time, each camera’s calendar feature allows you to select a specific image to view. And by using the sharing icon, you can download and email pictures, as well as share them on Facebook.

Check out the views by visiting campusnext.wustl.edu/webcams. For questions or suggestions related to the cameras, please complete our suggestion form.