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What to expect: A look at the first six weeks

An overview of some of the key tasks to be completed in May and June; plus tips on where to park between May 22 and July 1.

May 22 marks the first day of a two-year effort to transform the east end of the Danforth Campus; however, according to project manager Jeff Morrisey of facilities, planning and management, building won’t commence immediately.

“The first six weeks largely will be devoted to preparing the site so that we can begin excavation for the underground garage,” Morrisey says. The garage will be the first of eight major components of the project.

In addition, nearly 3,000 feet – over a half-mile – of eight-foot site fencing will need to be installed before any significant work can begin.

Another key part of the site prep is the installation of an earth retention system.

“These systems play an important role in projects where we need to excavate an area before building the actual structure,” Morrisey adds. “Their purpose is to stabilize the surrounding soil.”

The project will require the excavation of 332,000 cubic yards of earth, at a pace of over 100 truckloads of material per day, at peak.

Parking availability

In addition to these physical changes, parking on the east end will be completely unavailable starting May 22.

Between May 22 and July  1, when the new parking permits go into effect, faculty, staff and students with valid yellow and red permits who are used to parking on the east end are encouraged to park in other locations on the Danforth Campus. With the start of summer, lower demand for parking overall is anticipated. Individuals with existing red or yellow permits who anticipate moving to the new ParkSmart option on July 1 can begin parking at West Campus now and take the shuttle or MetroLink to campus. For questions about parking visit, call the hotline (314-935-3616) or email

Major milestones for the first six weeks include:

May 22:
  Brookings Drive and east end parking closes

May 23: Hoyt Drive closes

May 22 – June 9: Allée trees removed, site fencing installed

June 12 – July 1: Earth retention system installed

July 1:– Excavation begins, new parking permits go into effect