East End News

A preview of what’s to come

As the East End Transformation rolls into its 22nd month of construction, many have grown accustomed to co-existing alongside the site, enduring the inconveniences and navigating the detours. Please know that your patience and understanding is recognized and appreciated.

It will all be worth it.

The transformation of the east end of the Danforth campus will result in a more connected experience for our community and provide a physical environment designed to enhance the university’s core missions of teaching, learning, discovery, inclusion and impact.

These 360-degree videos offer a preview of what’s to come. They’re best viewed on YouTube, either through the YouTube mobile app or in a desktop web browser. To view in 360-degrees:

On touchscreen devices: Click play, then use the pan button (upper left) or your finger on the touchscreen to move around the site.

On desktop: Click play, then use the pan button (upper left) or click and drag with your mouse to move around the image.

Views across the in-progress landscape

View: Tisch Park pedestrian path, southeast of South Brookings

View: Tisch Park, north of Sumers Welcome Center

View: Brookings Steps