Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum Expansion

Artistic rendering of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

Expansion on the north side of the Kemper Art Museum creates the James M. Kemper Gallery and a new entrance foyer as well as connects the newly relocated Florence Steinberg Weil Sculpture Garden to Ann and Andrew Tisch Park.

The gallery is a state-of-the-art exhibition space and enables the Museum to showcase a larger portion of its world-class collection and expand its exhibition program. The adjacent glass-lined lobby offers spectacular, light-filled views of Tisch Park, Sculpture Garden, and Brookings Hall. The entryway is at ground level and oriented towards Tisch Park and the new Welcome Center, allowing easier access for both the University community and the public.

Indoor view of James M. Kemper Gallery
James M. Kemper Gallery © Peter Aaron

The exterior of the Museum Addition features an iconic and memorable north façade, composed of 30-foot-tall pleated stainless steel panels that reflect the surrounding landscape, sky, and buildings. Other sides of the addition feature limestone and glass, echoing materials of the existing Museum and nearby buildings.

Project details

  • 5,600 square ft. addition
  • 2,700 square ft. new gallery, with a 27’ tall ceiling
  • Located north of the existing Kemper Museum and east of the new location of the Steinberg Weil Sculpture Garden and Weil Hall.


Michael Vergason Landscape Architects
landscape architect & planner

civil engineer

utilities engineer

McCarthy Building Companies
Simms Building Group
construction managers


parking facility architect

Tao + Lee
local architect

structural engineer

mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineer

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