Getting around campus: What you need to know

A year from now, the WashU community will celebrate new buildings and a new green park. But today, we’re just trying to find our way to Green Hall. Here are some tips on getting to, and around, campus.

Strength through diversity

An African-American construction worker handles piping in the interior of a concrete structure.

Washington University in St. Louis has launched two new supplier-diversity programs as part of its commitment to a diverse labor workforce.

How we spent our summer vacation

Two construction workers in overalls wear pvc pipes on their arms

This summer, crews stayed busy moving the East End Transformation forward. View photos and video and read more about some of the major milestones that were reached.

Stay cool, WashU!

We’re in the throes of a classic St. Louis summer — with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees and the crazy humidity, a blanket of heat covers every inch of Washington University’s Danforth Campus. On top of that, construction on the east end makes it harder to get around. But have no fear, we’re here to […]

Six months in 60 seconds: Part 2

The east end of the Danforth Campus has undergone dramatic changes in the past six months. Watch this video to view the sights and listen to the sounds.

Bike sharing is coming to campus

A LimeBike is parked agains a white concrete wall.

To make it easier to get from here to there, WashU is partnering with LimeBike to bring bike sharing to campus.

Phases for Forsyth & Skinker Intersection Work

In an effort to enhance pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle safety, Washington University is working with Forest Park and the city of St. Louis to improve the intersection at Forsyth & Skinker.

Summer 2018 intersection improvements

Map showing the Danforth campus of Washington University in St. Louis with red circles indicating the intersections of Forsyth & Skinker and Forsyth & Hoyt.

WashU is working with Forest Park and the cities of St. Louis and Clayton to improve safety at the intersections of Forsyth & Skinker and Forsyth & Hoyt.

Put a lid on it!

In early May, work began to pour the top, or the lid, of the underground parking garage, the largest one-day concrete pour to date.

The happiest day of the year

College graduates wearing rain ponchos toss their caps into the air at Commencement

Commencement is often referred to as the happiest day of the year at WashU, with lots of smiles, a few tears of joy and cheers. This year, there was something extra: rain…and construction.

East End site perimeter to expand west this summer

This summer, pedestrian ability to get around the east end of the Danforth Campus will be further limited due to work expanding to the west of the construction site. New, temporary pedestrian routes will be put in place after Commencement. Stay tuned.

How Commencement will affect parking

Commencement on May 18 is expected to bring more than 15,000 guests to campus. The May 17 Arts & Sciences Recognition Ceremony will attract more than 5,000 guests. Over this two-day period, most Danforth Campus parking spaces will be set aside for guests attending these ceremonies. Read more to learn about parking changes for permit holders May 17-18.

A first look at McKelvey Hall

Rendering of the new McKelvey Hall to be built on WashU's Danforth campus

It’s the final piece of the East End Transformation at Washington University in St. Louis and new renderings of James M. McKelvey, Sr. Hall demonstrate how the building will incorporate seamlessly into the project.

Kemper Art Museum ‘Building the Future’ celebration May 4

People listen to a man speak in an exhibit space

This summer, the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum will commence a major expansion as part of Washington University’s larger East End Transformation. On Friday, May 4, the museum will mark the start of construction with a special “Building the Future” celebration.

Classroom concepts come to life on the East End site

East End construction cranes create reflections in the windows of Givens Hall.

Graduate architecture students from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts have an invaluable learning experience right outside their door: They are learning lessons in construction during the East End Transformation project.

Walker Lot: What’s happening here?

Construction worker in a cherry picker places a top element on a metal structure with a red crane in the background

Installation of construction mock-ups near the Walker Lot drive will cause temporary pedestrian and vehicular traffic disruptions.

Thurtene Carnival parking information

Small children ride a colorful carnival ride with their parents

The relocation of this year’s Thurtene Carnival will affect parking in Zone 2. Here are the important locations and dates to remember.